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What is NSO? Can I chat with someone?

New Student Orientation (NSO), a chance for new and prospective students to learn more about our classes and approach to yoga. New to the studio, or yoga in general, and have questions? Receive insight on the best classes aligned with your goals. Meet other students as well as instructors and learn more about our community. NSO sessions are FREE and held on specific Tuesdays and Thursdays. Reserve your space here

What does Sankofa mean?

We are glad you asked! The meaning is the foundation of our studio. Click here to learn more!

Who are the founders and owners of the studio?

Sankofa Yoga and Wellness Center was founded by husband and wife duo, Marcus and Tamisha J. Ponder. Click here to learn more!

Why should I practice yoga?

The short answer is yoga makes you feel better. Proper and controlled breathing can prevent and treat the many effects that stress places on the body. Yoga improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina, and the breathing exercises and meditation makes you healthier in mind, body and spirit. Our owner came to yoga because of her headaches—and she never looked back!

How often should I practice yoga to experience the benefits?

To see optimal results, whether it’s mentally, physically, or emotionally, we recommend practicing yoga at least two to three times a week when starting out. A large study of Yoga practitioners revealed that people who practice at least five times a week have the best results in terms of overall health, sleep, low fatigue levels, and general sense of wellbeing. A consistent practice encourages you to refine your body awareness as well as move more intelligently + efficiently. A diverse practice allows you to listen to your body and honor yourself based on what’s needed— maybe vinyasa flow today, yin yoga tomorrow & meditation all around!

I’m new to yoga. What classes should I take?

From beginners, to gentle, to active, to all-levels—Sankofa Yoga offers a variety of classes to suit all kinds of yogis. If you are new to yoga (or an expecting mother) we recommend the following beginner-friendly classes:


  • Yoga for Beginners

  • Sankofa Deep Stretch

  • Yoga for Stiff Joints

  • Yin Yoga

  • Relax, Relate, Release

  • Sankofa Stretch + Flow

  • Vibe + Flow

  • Meditation

What classes are appropriate for seniors?

  • Sankofa Deep Stretch

  • Yoga for Stiff Joints

  • Yin Yoga

  • Relax, Relate, Release

  • Meditation

  • Sankofa Stretch + Flow


What are your prices?

Click here to learn more. 


What should I wear to class?

Wear comfortable clothes in which you can easily move. Try not to wear any lotions that will cause you to slip.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a yoga mat and water. If you also prefer bolsters and blankets, see below.


Should I eat before class?

We recommend coming to class on an empty stomach. If hunger is an issue, a light snack before class can help.

I have an injury. What should I bring to class to assist me?

Yoga props are important for providing a little extra support in some poses. Using tools like blocks or straps can help offset a limited range of motion or tightness and help make a pose easier to get into and hold. We provide yoga straps and yoga blocks at the studio; however, we encourage you to purchase additional items to better support your needs. Follow these links to purchase props that help support your practice:

I’m not flexible, can I still take a class?

That’s the point! That’s like not showering because you’re filthy. Yoga is a journey.

Age Limit

The minimum age to attend class is 16 years old.

When does my 30-Day New Student Special begin?

Your 30-Day pass begins with the first class you register for. You are responsible for cancelling your class reservation if you can no longer attend class.

I previously purchased a promotion that is no longer available. Am I able to still use it?

Yes; $25-week specials expire one year after purchase and begins with the first class you register for.

Can the New Student Special be paused or refunded?



How to Take Our In-Studio Classes:

Pre-register for class online as we do not accept walk-ins. Bring your own yoga mat, wear a mask, and kindly arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts as we do not accept late entry. Doors lock three minutes after class begins. When you arrive at the studio, please remove your shoes at the door and place them inside the cubby. Our coatrack is located at the back of the studio near our restroom. 

How to Take Our VIRTUAL Classes:

To take our VIRTUAL classes, pre-register on MINDBODY at least 30-45 minutes prior to the start of class and you will receive an email from FitGrid with a Zoom link at least 15 minutes before class starts. Select the class that says "VIRTUAL" in the front of the name. If you're comfortable, turn your screen on to get the most out of your class. This way our instructors can assist you and stay connected!

Can I just show up and take a class?

No; advanced registration is required. 


What time should I arrive?

Arrive 5-10 minutes early and register online to secure your space in class.


What if I am late to class?

We do not not allow students to join class if they are late.

Can I purchase two drop-in passes so my friend can attend class or workshop with me?

No. Each studio attendee must create their own account and register separately. 


We are a boutique yoga studio at a storefront location. Our main yoga classroom, Sankofa, is located downstairs at 302 Main Street; however, we also have an upstairs classroom, Om, located at 103 Washington Blvd S, where we host our teacher trainings, doula services + workshops. For the time being, all of our yoga classes are held in the downstairs classroom. 

Where can I park?

Street parking is available.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

We have reduced our in-person class size to 13-15 to provide students space to physically distance. Under the ordinance of Prince George's County Executive, masks are required at all times. Hand sanitizer and masks are available.

How do I create or access my account?

Click here! 

What are some recommended books to read when practicing yoga "off of the mat"?

Meditations from the Mat

The Heart of Yoga 

Yamas & Niyamas: Examining Yoga's Ethical Practice 

Skill in Action 

What is your membership policy?

Membership comes with amazing perks! From more yoga, to discounted services and workshops, it is definitely your best option. Click here to sign up!

Membership Cancellations:

To enroll in membership, there is a 60-day minimum commitment before any membership can be cancelled. Should you cancel your membership prior to the 60 day commitment you will be charged the remaining balance. 


To cancel your membership, please send an email to at least 30 days before the next cycle. 

Membership Freeze:

Military, medical, and maternity can freeze memberships for up to 90 days with proper documentation and email notice. For non emergencies, we do allow a one-time only 30 day freeze. At the completion of your 30-day freeze, your card will be charged to commence membership. To freeze your membership, please send an email to at least 30 days before the next cycle.

What is Sankofa Health Center? 

Along with Sankofa Yoga and Wellness, we also own and operate a community based Primary Care and Women's Health Medical Center, Sankofa Health Center. Located right next door to our Yoga Studio at 300 Main Street, we are open 6 days a week, accept most major insurances and provide a self-pay option! From physicals to health screenings to OB/GYN needs, we have you covered! To learn or schedule an appointment, call 301-377-0577 or visit

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