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Services are appointment only. To view our next availability and/or to schedule your session, select BOOK NOW.


Also known as "Lazy Man's Yoga," Thai Massage is a full body floor massage that works on the muscles, ligaments, nerves, joints + internal organs to create a feeling of deep relaxation. 


Different from your traditional western massage, Thai massage is energizing + a powerful blend of acupressure, energy balancing, stretching and yoga poses. Aromatherapy added as a bonus treat! This massage is fully clothed.


60 minutes - $90

90 minutes - $115

120 minutes- $150


60 minutes - $108

90 minutes - $137

120 minutes- $177


This session will help free blocked or stuck energy in each of the seven chakras in order to bring balance and a sense of well-being to your body, mind, and spirit. 


Chakras may be assessed by using modalities such as:


  • Reiki

  • Sound Healing

  • Meditation

  • Gemstones & Crystals

  • Chakra Deck Cards

Afterwards we will discuss ways to continue balancing your root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.


45-60 minutes - $75


45-60 minutes - $89


NEW! Performed on a massage table instead of the floor mat, this full body session uses progressive stretching, joint mobilization, compression and acupressure to relieve stiffness and soreness, free tension and discomfort, and increase range of motion.


Enjoy a stretch release experience tailored just for you. Aromatherapy added as a bonus treat! This bodywork session is fully clothed.


45 minutes - $65


45 minutes - $75

For more details, click here.


This session is half sound bath and half yoga nidra meditation (yogic sleep), inviting a powerful state of empowered rest and safe space for personal discovery.

Session includes the therapeutic playing of sound instruments such as crystal singing bowls, himalayan bowls, tuning forks, ocean drums, bells, windchimes and more.

This meditative experience includes focused attention of the physical body, breath awareness, and connection with your thoughts, emotion and creative potential of your mind.


60 minutes - $90


60 minutes - $108


Prenatal Thai Body Massage is a healing system that nourishes pregnant bodies during its changes, preparation for childbirth and creates a feeling of deep relaxation. It combines the mindful movements of yoga with the nurturing touch of prenatal massage. The techniques include compressions with hands and feet, forearm rolling, thumb pressure, stretching, and joint movements.

Postnatal is also available!

This massage is fully clothed!

60 minutes - $90

90 minutes - $115

60 minutes
- $108

90 minutes - $137


This refreshing session will restore your physical and emotional  body allowing you to release the weight of the world that's on your shoulders.

Focusing on breath awareness and body locks, this therapeutic session is half Breathwork (pranayama) and Thai Massage. Breathwork is a powerful breathing practice known for improving stress, anxiety and depression levels, while Thai Massage utilizes acupressure and stretching to unlock the tension in the body. This ninety minute session promotes mental clarity, reduces muscle tension and will yield a deep release.


90 minutes - $115


90 minutes - $137


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Benefits include:

  • Create a deep state of calm and relaxation

  • Balance, peace + clarity

  • Release emotional blockages

  • Relieve stress

  • Help relieve pain

  • Support the body’s natural ability to heal itself

  • Combines well with other healing methods to enhance results

Sound healing will be incorporated.

Postnatal is also available!

FIRST TIME CLIENTS (Initial Session)

First time Reiki clients will have an initial intake conversation about their goals for the session, and then the practitioner will apply treatment.

90 minutes - $115 (Members)

90 minutes - $137 (Non-Members)


60 minutes - $90 (Members)

60 minutes - $108 (Non-Members)


This holistic therapy session is designed to address imbalances within the physical body, relieve stress and anxiety, and promote clarity + inner peace. 

Free blocked energy with this personalized combination of:


  • Thai massage

  • Reiki

  • Sound bath

  • Meditation

  • Intuitive discussion

This two-hour session will leave you balanced, aligned and focused.



120 minutes - $150 


120 minutes - $177

Image (21).jpg


Join us for Table Thai Thursday, our pop-up community bodywork clinic led by Sankofa founders, Tamisha and Marcus Ponder. Performed on a massage table instead of the floor mat, this 25-minute session uses progressive stretching, joint mobilization, compression acupressure to relieve stiffness and soreness, free tension and discomfort, and increase range of motion. Enjoy a stretch release experience tailored just for you! This stretch session is fully clothed.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

1:00pm - 4:00 pm

Investment: $40 Members | $50 Non-Members


Booking a Wellness Service: In order to schedule a service, it must be done through our system, MindBody. When attempting to schedule your appointment you will see the availabilities of our wellness practitioners. Our scheduling window is 24 hours, therefore we are unable to make same day appointments online. To schedule an appointment for the following calendar day, it must be made at least 24 hours in advance, should the time still be available. After your wellness service request is submitted, you will soon will be notified via email with a confirmed approval or denial. 


Wellness Services Safety Measures: Sanitizer will be available, and our linens are changed regularly after every client.

Location for Wellness Services: Services are held in the upstairs (103 Washington Blvd) treatment room. Street parking is available. 

Arrival: We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals, however, the length of service may be adjusted to uphold other scheduled appointments. Full price of scheduled appointments will apply. NOTE: Wellness sessions are appointment only and held at our upstairs location, thus arrival at an substantially earlier time is not recommended as a general waiting area is not available. Guests are also not permitted.

Payment: A debit/credit card will need to be placed on file to secure incidentals. Payment is rendered after the service and is accepted via debit/credit card. Gratuity is not included in the price of the service and is left at your discretion.

Card on File: A debit/credit card will need to be placed on file to secure incidentals. You can do this via your MindBody profile or give us a call at 240-786-7182. Failure to add a card on file within 24-48 hours of appointment may result in cancellation.

Cancellation Policy: We kindly ask that cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance. The only exception is due to illness. Cancellations can be made through your MindBody account, emailing us at, or calling us at 240-786-7182. No-show or last-minute cancellations greatly impact our scheduling. Recognizing that we do set aside the scheduled time just for you, and have other clients to consider, we now find it necessary to charge for: no-show appointments and last-minute cancellations. Same day cancellations will be charged 50% of the scheduled service price. No-show cancellations will be charged 100% of the scheduled price.

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