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While asana, the physical postures, is one of the 8 limbs of yoga, the full experience of yoga comes through the principles and practices found in the other seven. Join us as we dive deeper into two of those, the Yamas and Niyamas, which are the restraints and observances thought of as the guidelines, tenets, ethical disciplines, and precepts of yoga. Learn how these principles work together to achieve social justice.


Join Tamisha, yogi, community organizer, anti-racism trainer and social justice scholar as we explore these ethical principles of yoga through the lens of social justice.


This 5-week series is first of a two-part program (Part 1: Yamas, Part 2: Niyamas) designed to take a deeper, expansive and critical dive into yoga. Learn to embody the true meaning of yoga in your everyday life, discover yogi-activists historically and present, and critically examine how yoga’s ethical practices help to provide the framework for social justice.


Each meeting includes lecture, supplemental readings, critical analysis, group discussion and the intuitive space to personally examine how the yamas inform us in our growth as social justice warriors.


Meeting Dates:


  • Thursday, 10/22: Ahimsa | 7PM- 8:30

  • Thursday, 10/29: Satya | 7PM- 8:30

  • Thursday, 11/5: Asteya | 7PM- 8:30

  • Thursday, 11/12: Brahmacharya | 7PM- 8:30

  • Thursday, 11/19: Aparigraha | 7PM- 8:30


This course is open to everyone! You do not have to be a yoga student, yoga teacher or activist to participate. This course calls for folks who are ready to deepen their understanding of yoga and social justice and want to evoke action to accompany their practice.


Location: This is a virtual course.


Tuition | $247

The cost of Social Justice According to the Yamas is $247. All applications require a $97 non-refundable deposit. Payment plans available in two installments. Email


Required Course Materials:

The Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele

Additional readings will be provided.


This course qualifies for eight (8) Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

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