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At Laurel Stretch by Sankofa, we specialize in providing personalized assisted stretch sessions to help you achieve your wellness goals. Our unique approach combines myofascial release, Thai massage, and stretch services to promote relaxation, improve flexibility, and enhance overall well-being.

What is Assisted Stretch?

Assisted stretch is a form of bodywork where a skilled practitioner gently guides you through a series of stretches to target specific muscles and improve flexibility. This hands-on approach helps to release tension, increase range of motion, and reduce the risk of injury.

Improved Flexibility

Assisted stretch can help to lengthen muscles and improve flexibility, making everyday movements easier and more comfortable.

Reduced Pain and Tension

Assisted stretch can help to release tension in the muscles, reducing pain and discomfort caused by tightness and stiffness.

Enhanced Performance

By improving flexibility and range of motion, assisted stretch can help athletes and active individuals perform better in their chosen sports and activities.

Stress Relief

The gentle, rhythmic movements of assisted stretch can promote relaxation and reduce stress, leaving you feeling calm and rejuvenated.

Ready to experience the benefits of assisted stretch for yourself?

Schedule your session at Laurel Stretch by Sankofa today! We look forward to helping you on your journey to improved health and well-being.

MEMBERS | 45 minutes - $65

NON-MEMBERS | 45 minutes - $75

What Our Clients Say


Sharlene, 65

"I knew that I was feeling sluggish, but I didn't know how tight I was until Marcus assisted me in stretching. I can't believe how good I feel now! I'm now able to get lower to the ground so I can play with my granddaughter. "
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