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Are you an aspiring or existing entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry? 

Join Sankofa co-owners Dr. Tamisha J. Ponder, PhD and Marcus Ponder, MBA, in this intensive knowledge-share training designed to help begin or advance your entrepreneurial journey.

The Sankofa Business of Wellness Training is designed for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industries or other closely associated industries. Courses are designed to help individuals align their passions in cultivating ideas and developing them into viable business opportunities. 

The training is framed by an in-depth study of the core tenants of entrepreneurship including characteristics, functions, start-up planning, financial planning, product and pricing, consumerism, and general business management and structure. Trainees will delve deep into the entrepreneurial process of going from an idea to a fully developed business. Through a combination of business theory, practical assignments, and feedback, students will gain the skills and confidence needed to begin or advance their entrepreneurial journey.  

Coming October/November 2023!

To be notified when more information is released, please click here to join the waiting list!

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