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1:1 Services

A holistic fertility doula is professionally trained to support a woman/birthing person during their preconception period to help prepare their body for pregnancy. Helping women, people with uteruses, and couples navigate their infertility journeys, a fertility doula provides natural remedies, recommendations, emotional support, and guidance during this time. 

Fertility Doulas are educated to look at varying factors prohibiting conception and have the ability to make necessary recommendations in specific areas to enhance the chances of fertility.


  • Emotional Support

  • Menstrual Cycle & Fertility Education

  • Fertility Treatment Support

  • Healing Herbs & Oils

  • Support System for your Partner

  • Future Trustworthy Support into a Pregnancy

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

YOU WILL RECEIVE: (over the course of 3 months)

  • Informational support throughout the course of care

  • Nutritional support and counseling

  • Five (5) Zoom Consults

  • Unlimited email/text support

  • Three (3) Yoga for Fertility Classes

  • Three (3) Meditations for Fertility

  • One (1) Womb Reiki (in-studio) or Womb Meditation Session (virtual)

  • Access to an extensive fertility referral base


Hormone Balance, Nutrient Maximization, Digestive Health, Exercise Optimization, Sleep Hygiene, Stress Management, Self-Care, Meditation, Womb Healing, Support + Listening Ear


COST: $250 a month (3-month minimum)

Due to the high standard of care we provide to each client, we enroll a limited number of private clients at one time. 


If you are interested in working with me as your fertility doula or have questions about this service, please book a consultation (see below section) so we can chat further :) 


[ this service is offered virtually ]



1:1 Services

Our 60-minute consultation provides clients with education, research, and support for people who are trying to conceive and/or seeking more information on fertility doula services.

During the consultation, we will discuss your immediate concerns, menstrual health, personal and family history, quality product usage, and the best treatment plan for you. 

Whether you are simply exploring your options while navigating infertility or if you are ready to become a client, you will receive reassurance and resources to support you in this journey.

COST: 60 minutes: $60

[in-studio or virtually]

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